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Top of the month / Topul lunii
Completions to the study of the thin frame overprint "Gültig 9. Armee", 1917-1918

       Recently I had the opportunity to aquire the largest known multiple for the Romanian 1 Leu revenue stamp (King Charles) with "Gültig 9. Armee" overprint in thin frame: a big block of 46 stamps (almost a whole sheet, printing plate contains 50 stamps***). It is a beautiful item for my exhibit, which provides also answers regarding the plating of the overprint.
      I have also smaller multiples of the overprinted revenue stamp (blocks of 8, 12 or 16 stamps, even a large block of 40). Studying them, I saw a lot of varieties of the overprint, but till now I couldn't make a connection between them. I have studied all known published studies, but no one stated how was made overprinting and how were made the printing plates. There is also a lack of informations regarding the dates of issue and withdraw of these stamps....
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 A mysterious fiscal stamp.   
      A few weeks before Mr. Gubrei Florin, a new passionate of Romanian revenue stamps, purchased from an online portal in a lot of revenue stamps, one stamp unreported yet in the known catalogs [1]. He has made me question who is this stamp reality. It is an essay, sample, fake? He sent me the picture and some technical data: valued at 2 bani, with the effigy of King Ferdinand cliche 27x30 (identical to the value of 10 bani), brown, perforation 11 1/2, war thick gray paper with lint, without watermark, with gum. Bukovina overprint type 2. It took me some time before I decide to respond to this challenge, information and stamps from that difficult period after WW1 extremely superficial and less [6]. I must admit, I am unable to give an answer eligible. Throughout the database, for that period, tax law [2] and personal archive, there is no information about this stamp.........
full article here!...           aici întreg articolul!...

full article here!...   
 An unknown membership fee revenue stamp, Sports Society "KINIZSI", Timisoara
View article here !       Few days ago, I received a gift from a friend, this document who is part of the history of Romanian football. It is a membership card, Chinese Society Sports from Timisoara. Inside are 30 lei fee, revenue stamps for monthly membership fee in the zear 1930. Until these stamps find their place in literature, I am allowed to present the public with some more relevant information about the work of the sports club. I hope that future researchers Romanian revenue stamps to give them a place in their studies and future catalogs.
full article here!...           aici întreg articolul!...
The first revenue issue, of the 9th Army area management
    At the end of 1916, the Central Powers armies occupy much of the national territory of Romania. Compared to the rest of the occupied territory under the Military Administration of Romania (MViR), a territory that includes the area near the front, comprising the counties of Buzau, Ramnicu Sarat, Braila and Putna went into administration and the 9th Army. City Focsani falls under German occupation from 25 December 1916, which would be released only on 10 November 1918. Here he established his Headquarters the 1st Corps of the Army 9....

The purpose of this site / Scopul acestui sit  
      The site was created with the main purpose of popularizing and a deeper knowledge of the Romanian revenues and desires to become a meeting place of enthusiasts of this hobby, a place where questions can find an answer, a virtual museum and a place where one can view the result of a passion. As a main objective are presented items, studies and personal achievements as well as of other enthusiasts. The site is permanently updated and development. For the pages which do not yet have the information please return. Best view in the Opera, Safari, Mozila browsers.

For the moment only the pages that has (*) before are working, others only after they have completed. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please come back. •  •  • Pentru moment numai linkurile din stânga care au (*) sunt funcționale, scuze pentru inconveniențe. Vă rog să reveniți.

      Siteul a fost creeat cu scopul principal al popularizării și cunoașterii mai aprofundate a fiscaloteliei Românești și se dorește a fi un loc de întâlnire al pasionaților acestui hobby, un loc unde întrebările să-și poată găsi răspunsurile, un muzeu virtual și un loc unde să se poată vedea rezultatul unei pasiuni. Ca obiectiv principal sunt prezentate piese, studii și cercetări personale dar și studii ale altor pasionați. Situl este în permanentă actualizare și dezvoltare. Pentru paginile care încă nu au informația inclusă, vă rugăm să reveniți. Cea mai bună vizionare se poate face în browserele Opera, Mozila, Safari.
Stamps stolen on the road between Bucharest Transit Office and post office of destination.   

       I had to receive a cover from one of my partners, from Great Britain. Using the Track&Trace application (on the internet page belonging to Romanian Post) this sending appears as received by Romanian Transit Post Office, on December 13th, 2010, but it was never forwarded to me till now. Meantime, the addressee post office claims that a sending bag is missing and suggests me they are not able to forward the sending, although it is a registered one.
For these reasons, I think that a robbery of a registered mail is more than probable. That's why I've uploaded the following photos to declare the stamps as stolen. I'll forward also to Romanian Post AND to Romanian Police an official complaint.
If there is anybody who is able to send some details related to these items, please let me know.        all the pictures here!...

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