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Labour house romanian railways, pensionner's asociation dues
Labour house romanian railways, pensionner's asociation dues
Not recorded yet, fiscal stamps for the railways pensioners' association, without value, 1934 to 1952. In April 1920 decree for founding "Labour house romanian railways, pensionner's asociation" was issued, and publish in Official Monitory No. 272/March 30, 1920.

Samples of the use of these stamps in booklets during different periods

These fiscal stamps were applied on a booklet as evidence for the payment of a monthly due for board, in 1934, representing the value of 30 lei up to 1943, including that year. Starting with 1944 the monthly amount becomes 50 lei, and in 1945, 100 lei. In 1942, 1944, 1945, 1950, 1951 dues for deaths appear, of unspecified value, the other stamps applied on the booklets from 1951 and 1952 also bearing the unspecified due value. The variation in color for these stamps is not yet explained, most probably the initial intent being to differentiate the tax by different colors. It is left to future studies to solve the enigma of these duty stamps.

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Romanian Touring Club asociation dues
Romanian Touring Club asociation dues
TURING - CLUB ROMANIA is an association which appeared by taking over the patrimony of the HANUL DRUMETILOR (Travelers' Inn) and adopting, from its creation, the slogan:"Through tourism we know and love Romania", and is declared a legal person by Ilfov Court order number 8/926, published in the Official Bulletin 77/1926. Abolished in 1948 and replaced with ASOCIATIA PENTRU TURISMUL POPULAR (Peoples' Tourism Association). From its creation annual contribution fee stamps were issued, in different colors for each year of subscription without a nominal value inscribed on it.
The value of the contribution was on a receipt released with the stamp. The stamp was cut and applied on the upper left side of the membership card over the previous one. It is of interest the issue of stamps, these being printed directly on the receipt used for payment, the stamp being cut and then applied on the card. I do not know, yet, the number of members, therefore the number of stamps issued, but I believe it varied annually from a few hundred to a few thousand. Probably the number on the receipt is revealing. Future studies can confirm or infirm this. As an element of help, I present all receipts and documents known by me or announced by other collectors.

Samples of the use of these stamps on documents and booklets during different periods

In the next image we presented several valuable receipts and helpful documents to study these stamps duty and includes the period of transition from one society to another. It is left to future studies to solve the story of these duty stamps.

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